World speaking tour lands in ireland 2017

The man in the hat has made it to 6 of the 7 continents and continues to learn from global cultures:  june 2017 the storytelling culture of ireland is researched


Starting in Shannon  ireland may 29, 2017

We’re proud to announce  the arrival and tour of  Tom Hobbs, The Man In The Hat to the Emerald Isle.  Learning from the storytelling culture of the Irish people so Tom can inspire the world to enhance their lives with “Grander Story” culture too.  

You can schedule Tom to visit your School, Toastmasters Group or Business.  His 30 yrs as an Entrepreneur can be your resource to greater success. 


interviews with the best storytellers

Part of my holiday in Ireland is to research for upcoming books so I will be very interested in learning a few bits of wisdom from seasoned tellers of Ireland.


visiting schools  &  storytelling  with children

Amazing knowledge is found from our children.  Often all we have to do is ask them.  Give them permission to share what they know and then sit back and be astounded.  You can have The Man In The Hat visit your school.  Invigorate your staff, engage your students have them tell their story. We offer programs that fit YOUR desires.